Calderazzo plays Kobylinski

Joey Calderazzo is one of the leading pianists in the jazz realm. As he approaches nearly two decades as a definitive accompanist, and sees his output, as a composer, performer and leader grow deeper and more diverse, Calderazzo sustains a trajectory of growing command and maturity. He has proved to be among the most intense and engaged of contemporary soloists and accompanists. His energy, technique and rapid-fire imagination have marked him as one of the most exciting jazz pianists to emerge in recent years. Joey continues performs as a solo pianist, at the head of a trio, and as a member of the Branford Marsalis Quartet.

Calderazzo's musical research has forded a symbiosis between classical music and Branford's historical jazz styles and his continuing work with Marsalis has brought him to the top ranks of contemporary jazz pianists today. Krzysztof Kobylinski and Joey Calderazzo met a few years ago and as a result of this musical meeting followed project “Calderazzo plays Kobylinski”. Beautiful, subtle, lyrical compositions of Krzysztof Kobylinski performed by Joey Calderazzo absolutely captivate its lightness. While listening to his interpretation of those compositions, one has an impression that we are looking at the clear, blue sky, after which quietly glide cloud.