Ethnojazz Orchestra

Absolutely extraordinary project with participation of the international band of Krzysztof Kobyliński, consisting, except the leader, of: Rivka Shabi (vocal), Dima Gorelik (guitar), Tom Dayan (drums) and Edi Sanchez (bass guitar) and also of participation of Aukso String Orchestra, one of the leading Orchestras in Europe. A concert which every time is different, based on ambient of a venue and so important to the artists – audience. Time travel, unforgettable experience, high expressed emotions.

The multiculturalism resulting from different sources and roots of the artists, finds a perfect expression in the performed music. The compositions of the leader allow musicians large doses of the improvisation, in which rebound various artistic visions. Combination with the String Orchestra creates an memorable event.

Possible gig with Stanislaw Soyka.