Krzysztof Kobylinski - Polish composer, pianist, author of several music albums based on jazz, ethno, neoclassic and electronic music. Creator and director of ethnojazz festival Palmjazz in Gliwice, Poland and the boss of Centre Jazovia in Gliwice as well.

He has cooperated and played with the most significant musicians in the realm of jazz and ethno music, like among others: Richard Galliano, Trilok Gurtu, Brandford Marsalis, Randy Brecker.

Krzysztof is a band leader of the group “KK Pearls” which consists of members from different countries from 3 different continents, across the borders. He strives to create multi-level tracks, with multiple layers formal.

about Krzysztof

" ...His music has a very interesting sound....About compositions: They feel really good, I mean it’s something in, feels great from the end of my fingers, there is a very well rythm for saxophone as well and for my particular style..."

Bill Evans

" ...His music is unique, very lyric..."

Mike Stern

" ... His music is lyric, cheerful and moving.  His music has perfect sense of melody with beautiful harmony. Every piece is incredible..."

Randy Brecker

" ...He is great composer..."

Joey Calderazzo

" ...His songs are really good, really melodic and I understand this music quickly......He is interesting Polish, jazz personality..."

Erik Truffaz

" ...beatiful music..."

Ambrose  Akinmusire

" ...his compositions are excellent what does harmony concern, Krzysztof is a good composer and creative artist..."

Bireli Lagrene

" ...excellent..."

Daby Toure

" ...Very nice composition. Fantastic melody, I had a lot of fun playing his song..."
about "Pink Year" by Krzysztof Kobyliński

Branford Marsalis

" … very  sensitive musician that writes an inspired music…"

Jarosław Śmietana

" ... his compositions are really beautiful, there is a lot of sensibility and melodiousness... his music is like a time travel and like a movie..."

Richard Galliano

" Beautiful, beautiful !"
after performing Krzysztof Kobylinski composition "Sagrada Familia"

Janusz Olejniczak

"... I like his music really much, it reflects his spirit and is piano-oriented..."

Trilok Gurtu

"... ...For me he is incredibly talented composer and i feel that in some ways there is conection between us in the musical space..."

Hanna Banaszak

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